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You signify that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy that we collect and use your information in accordance with such Privacy Policy. This privacy statement only covers information collected through this our web site, not for any service that you direct deal with the directory sites.

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All these information helps us to measure the total visitors and the behavior of those visitors on our website pages. Mostly we collect only the E-mail address that they share with us through their account. This is done only for the purpose to serve the best services and get valuable feedback from our users. This is done by track your activity and behavior with our website. We want to give you only the best result for which you visit to our website and improve your experience with us.


PERSONAL INFORMATION: keeps your personal information like your complete name, detailed contact information you provide to us when you connect to our website to receive information/updates/alerts/feedback from us or to use service from the website. The information you provided at our website will be stored on our database server and kept confidential.

LINKSTO OTHER WEBSITES includes the links of other websites that may have different privacy protocols. So you must need to carefully read the privacy statements of those websites before proceeds. You can share your link with us with various API’s like Facebook and Google. These services will directly authenticate and connect with us and helps you to share your business, classifieds, deals and events. Services like these give you the opportunity to create your account on our website and share your business page information on We only accept information through the original mails and true owners.


We wouldn’t like to accept information below the age of 18. We ask it at the time of account creation. If you believe your child has willfully submitted personally identifying information on the site, please send us an E-mail enquiry for that account or shared information. We will like to take appropriate action immediately to remove that   content from our site.


  • There is no need of registration to view the site contents.
  • The basic registration is required to add your business details on the website.
  • After registration user will get password details in his e-mail, so that he is able to log-in the website for his future use.
  • We reserve the right to terminate or suspend a user account at any time, if a user misuse of the website or its service.


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Share Local business intermittently receives requests to remove links from its directory that violets web results for a business. We reserves the right to address such removal requests individually, Share Local Business is generally not keen to remove any links from its directories.