Top 20 Popular Websites in the World


Alexa is a tool that shows websites traffic rank by collecting their raw data and converts it into some meaningful metrics. It shows the popularity of a website all over the world and a particular region from where the website getting high visitors. Alexa tool helps you to find your website analysis report against your competitors and improve the site performance by decreasing the errors. People can check their website Alexa rank by downloading a plugging inside your web browsers or can go direct to its URL and enter his website URL and can check the results. In a free version it will show you data like global and state rank, audience geography, rank in particular countries, engagement, total site linking and more. You can also purchase its premium version for better understanding and depth result. Here are the top 20 popular websites in the world sort by Alexa traffic rank.

  1. Google.Com: – This is the top search engine and number one in the popularity worldwide. This is the best source of information searching on the world wide web. It has other tools like Gmail, webmasters, Analytics, Google Adwords, Adsense etc.
  2. Facebook. Com: – Top social website to connect with friends, sharing photos and videos, faccebook pages and promotions.
  3. YouTube.Com: – This is most famous video uploading and sharing website in the world. People can watch, upload and share videos from here.
  4. Yahoo.Com: – A major service provider in the area of search of news and information’s. And also has email and chatting service.
  5. Baidu.Com: – Baidu is the leading search engine in the Chinese language providing searches and information’s in China.
  6. Amazon.Com: – World most customer centric sites, where visitors can find products and other online deals at the best price. It’s also provides products reviews, listing wish-lists and more.
  7. Wikipedia.Org:- A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software. (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License). Most trustable source of all the information’s worldwide.
  8. Taobao.Com: – The most favorite Chinese company for online shopping and products listing. This is the largest online shopping company in China, a marketplace within Alibaba Group.
  9. – A social networking and microblogging service website that enable users to tweet, read other tweeted posts after registration.
  10. Qq.Com: – China’s most used and largest internet service portal.
  11. – This is the Indian version of world top search engine i.e. Google.Com. It offers its services in most known Indian languages.
  12. Live.Com: – Free personal Email service and search engine from Microsoft.
  13. – Sina is a Chinese online media company for Chinese community. China’s famous IM provider company.
  14. LinkedIn.Com: – LinkedIn is a business oriented social network tool to find connection to recommended jobs, experts and business industries.
  15. Weibo.Com: – A China based microblogging service launched by SINA Corporation.
  16. – A Japanese version of the popular search engine i.e. Yahoo.
  17. – It’s a Japanese version of world most popular search engine i.e. Google.
  18. Ebay.Com: – ebay is an American based Multinational Corporation and E-commerce company that providing customer to customer and business to customer service.
  19. – Yandex.Com is a popular and largest search engine in Russia. Also develops various internet based service and products.
  20. – is a dedicated premium shopping portal for Chinese people in search of top brands. In 2013, Tmall was the largest retail platform in china in terms of gross merchandise volume.

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