Google SEO on Page Factors for 2015 – Webmasters World

A new thread posted on webmasters word about Google revised on page factors for SEO ranking. If you want to rank your website in 2015, then you must consider these factors. Here is a list of important SEO on page factors for 2015:

Google seo factors for 2015 Continue reading

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8 Important Points to Consider before Starting a New SEO Project

Top SEO factors

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Either you are an expert or a fresher you must need to know about some basic points when you are going to start a new or old SEO project for your client. I think you all knew about type of SEO you do for your client websites, but there are some topics you need to take care before starting. Continue reading

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Google Launch New Doorway Pages Penalty Algo in March 2015

Google recently update in their algorithm for websites doorway pages that create spam searches and also spam user experience. Their team is always working to improve the quality of searches for their users and remove the span search results that create confusion. There is a huge impact on those websites that are working on doorway pages strategy to improve their ranking. All is one that Google wants to remove all spam links from their searching.

Example of Doorway Search:

When users search a query into the search engine, find a result link and then click on it and do not find it informative and try next other result in the search result page and the other result also takes them to the same website that they already not like, that really a bad search experience for users. In another one when a user click on a link for a query like “buy gold online” and the link redirect user to some other website that is not on the same information for which the user is looking for. Continue reading

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