Factors of Quality Score that Affect Ad Rank of Your Ads

When someone enters a query in the Google search bar, then Google shows some related paid ads from advertisers. This is done by Google Adwords tool. The ads will get their position according to some important factors suggested by Google like ad CTR, ad relevancy, landing page relevancy, ads text and some other different factors.  By Improving these factor anyone can make its ad position (Ad rank) better, because most of the traffic is gained only by the top three ads in the query result, that why a better ads rank score in important for a business.


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Factors are:

  1. Quality of landing page – A good landing page helping in getting higher position at low cost in SERP. A good landing page means, it will be relevant to ads triggered, better user experience, relevant content information, nice page loading speed and easy to navigate.
  2. Ads CTR – This is depends on the historical record of your ads clicks and impressions. Nice average score of impression and clicks result in the plus point for you ads position.
  3. Display URL previous CTR – This is the value that your URL acquire due to the past performance of your display URL by clicks and impressions.
  4. Targeted Devices – This factor shows that how well your ads are performing on the devices like desktops/laptops/mobile devices/tablets etc.
  5. Ads Relevancy – This is how your ads text are relevant to the query that a person search for. Better the keyword selection make most of quality clicks on your ads and more conversion you have.
  6. Geography Location – It defines how your account is performing in the resign where you are targeting your ads.

So, make your ads rank better by taking proper attention on these factors and grow your customer online and also the conversion ratio, because having a high the rank score you have a great ads position and lower the cost you paid. So make your ads more user friendly and collect more quality clicks for your business.

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  1. Dean Elgar March 16, 2015 / 11:17 am

    Nice Post, For classified add posting Flicmedia is also a good site.

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