Google SEO on Page Factors for 2015 – Webmasters World

A new thread posted on webmasters word about Google revised on page factors for SEO ranking. If you want to rank your website in 2015, then you must consider these factors. Here is a list of important SEO on page factors for 2015:

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Top Search Engines and their Robots Name



A robots.txt file is to be used to allow or disallow search engine bots to index some specific part of the website. They are used to block website or its internal directories. If you don’t want to hide any directory or page of the website then you don’t need a robots txt file. For security reason you must need to have robots file on your website so that you can protect your website from spam crawlers. All major search engines have some specific robot name. Generate your website robots file using robots txt generator tool . In a recent Google update in 2015 it is declared that if pages are coming in search engine result page from your tags, categories or authors then they will be consider as duplicate. So, here you need to block them by using the robots txt format given below.

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Top 60 High Traffic Classified Websites for Ads Posting

Here SLB presenting a list of top classifieds websites that would be helpful for you to promote your business, products and services all over the world or within a local area. A single user also can post his classified to buy or sell products and services. The advantage of using these classified websites is that there is a high traffic on these websites and also they are tie up with business services also to present best solution from their side. They are also trustworthy to post classifieds and other personal information’s. Here is the list…

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