Google Keyword Planner Tool Upgrade with New Competitors Compare Metrics Feature

In April first week, Google announced on Google+, about a new key feature added to Google Keyword planner in Adwords. This tool is upgraded so that user can compare their own performance with their competitors. It will be rolling all over out within two-three weeks. It will definitely enhance the performance of keyword planner tool and also for a user to compare keyword performance with other advertisers.

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Google Changes AdWords Certification Exams & Certifications Validation

Google Adwords team  announced on Google Adwords help support that they have made some changes to Google Adwords certification program exams. The two most changes are:

  1. Officially they announced that they are decrease the validity of Adwords certification program from 24 months to 12 months. Means now every year you need to appear for the certification program.
  2. To be Adwords certified you need to pass the fundamentals exam plus one of the other Adwords exams like search, video, display etc. They also released a new version of fundamentals exams focus on the best practices like learning, keywords quality score improvement, ads formats, landing page optimizations, leads and more

Read from Google official Source

“A passing score on an exam is valid for 12 months after the exam date. To maintain your AdWords certification, you’ll need to have valid passing scores on at least (1) the AdWords Fundamentals exam and (2) one of the other advertising exams (for a total of at least 2 passing exam scores at any given time).”

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Factors of Quality Score that Affect Ad Rank of Your Ads

When someone enters a query in the Google search bar, then Google shows some related paid ads from advertisers. This is done by Google Adwords tool. The ads will get their position according to some important factors suggested by Google like ad CTR, ad relevancy, landing page relevancy, ads text and some other different factors.  By Improving these factor anyone can make its ad position (Ad rank) better, because most of the traffic is gained only by the top three ads in the query result, that why a better ads rank score in important for a business. Continue reading

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How to Add a Countdown in Google Adwords Ads for High CTR

Most of time your converted clicks are the result of your great content strategies for headlines and descriptions in your Google Adwords Ads. A better headline attracts more customers towards to your ads, so that you need to take more attention on your ads text. For a shopping or e-commerce website you must add some special discounts or coupons in your ads text. Most of  people don’t know how to add a custom countdown in your ads and they are repeatedly changes their ads text. Hence there is a solution given by Google Adwords tools to make it easy for their customers. This is also a great way to increase the CTR of your Ads. Check a example here… Continue reading

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Top 7 Reasons for Ad Disapproval in Google AdWords and their Recovery Methods

Some common reasons why your ads are being disapproved in Google Adwords.

Google disapproved Ads

Google disapproved Ads Reasons

Click on the ads section and click on the bubble just up on the word ” Disapproved” and you will see a pop-up, by this you can check the reason that why your ads was disapproved. Some of the top reasons for disapproving of Ads are here.

  1. Copyrighted content - Don’t use any copyright content from other company or business. Copyright means their logo image, brand name and secure products etc. Use some synonyms in place of that content.
  2. Doesn’t Use Phone Number in Ads text - Adwords provide call extension in the Ads extension program? You can validate your number and can add that number in the ads extension and your number will be display in front of your customer and they can access it easily.
  3. Don’t promote yourself - Never use this type of word like (we are top business, we are best in industry), Google hates such type of promotion, just add your business or product reviews using review extension. This will be a great impact on your customers.
  4. Ads themes inappropriate by Google. Google never accept theme content like adult, sex, online gambling and dangerous products (like Fireworks or Bombs).
  5. Ads text length. Ads text has limited length like headline text should be less than equal to 25 characters. Description 1and 2 are of 35 characters. Some countries like Russia has lengthy language and there this limit be a little more.
  6. Difference in the display URL and the destination URL - You must need to add same URL in both the display URL and the destination URL. Example: You can’t use in display URL and in the destination URL.
  7. Caps Letters - Text like (HUGA DISCOUNT – SHOP US). It contains all the character in caps format. This will be disapproved by the Google. Only use caps letter if you are promotion your coupons code that is case sensitive.

So, don’t be too serious after disapproval of your ads, just check them appropriate with the Google policies and approve fast.

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