9 Important Points to Consider before Launching a New Website

This is really a hectic process when you are launching a new website in the world of Internet. You are very nervous at this time because a little mistake can take you down. This is a big problem for those who have less expertise and having low knowledge on internet marketing strategic. Here we explaining some points that you must need to do before launching your new website and this will be helpful for you to monitor and improve your site performance.

launching a new website without error


Broken Links: Check the broken links and 404 not found pages within your website before you are going to live. Broken links are those URL’s that’s either not exist or you by mistake did some spelling error in URL’s or not use redirection codes (301 for permanent and 302 for temporary). Check all broken links and fix them as soon as possible. Add Google webmasters tool setup on your website to find broken links, server connectivity error, mobile error & more and fix them accordingly.

Check Duplicate Content: For SEO point of views this is a big issue for your website. If you put duplicate or copied content from another source then there is most chance that your website could be ban by the Google and invisible from the SERP for a long time and you make a strong struggle to comeback it again in search result page. So, it is compulsory to check your content before the website going live. Some popular Plagiarism Checker websites available that help you to find issue with your website content. Google panda update is about the quality of a website i.e. Quality content on the pages get higher rank in the Google search. So, always use fresh and quality content on your website for best performance.

Test Your Website Design: You are ready to launch your website and after live you check that there are some pages that are not showing properly in some specific browser and you think like OMG, why this !!, so it’s better to check all links in all top browsers and confirmed that they are ok. A neat and clean design gives a great look to your website and it also creates visitors engagement on your site. Google recently announced a mobile friendly websites update that means if your site design is mobile friendly or responsive then you will get higher ranking in the search engine.

Social Contacts for Feedback: Before the launch prepare a simple list of friend’s email, so you can find easy feedback from them and can change if possible.

Setup a tracking Module: You need to add some tracking module on your website like Google Analytics. This will be helpful to extract some specific data within your site like user’s interest, goals, top landing pages, geography regions and more other related data. You can change in your strategy according to tracking data and can make your business website more fruitful for you.

Create Social Account for Your Brand: Now this time, there is huge trend of social networking websites all over the world. If you want true fans for your brand then it is must to have an account on top social sites so that they can check your most updates. You can create fan page or account of your business on top social sharing websites in the world like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and many more. You also get authority links from these websites. Don’t just create account and leave it, you must update your brand profile completely and regular updates also. If you have a content publishing brand then you must create account on content sharing sites like Quora, Scribd, StumbleUpon and Slideshare for quality followers.

User and Search Engine Friendly URL Structure: When you are taking your brand online then it is also an important point to care about the URL structure of your website.

Your website URL’s shouldn’t be complex like http://www.sharelocalbusiness.com/abcjf_123.php.

A user friendly URL is look like www.sharelocalbusiness.com/top-business-directory.

This type of URL’s are likes by search engines and give plus point to them in their ranking algorithm.

Best SEO Keywords: There are billions of websites on the internet and the competition is tremendous. When you are searching for a query in Google, you always find lots of sites link in the SERP. So, to compete with your competitors it is essential to have SEO for your brand. SEO (Search engine optimization) is a process of website optimization in the search engines by using some specific techniques. If you don’t know about SEO then you can hire a SEO specialist for your brand or you can hire separate agency to do this for you. Keywords are the key points for your business; if you choose wrong keywords for your brand then you will surely waste your time and also your money. Before launching your business website you must need to have a strong keyword research. There are various keyword research tools available on the web, but the most usable tool is Google Keyword tool. Here you can find keywords according to your business, their monthly searches and their competition. Select the best keyword and use them on your website. Business objective should be product sale, content engagement, PDF downloads and business leads. So, select the best keywords for your business that will help you to take visitors on your website and gain your business objective.

Attach a blog: This is always great to have a blog on your website because a good content engaged various visitors on your blog as well as website internal pages. In your blog, you can share content, reviews, coupons and other activities for your brand awareness. More valuable content you published more the visitors you will derived to your website.

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