8 Important Points to Consider before Starting a New SEO Project

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Either you are an expert or a fresher you must need to know about some basic points when you are going to start a new or old SEO project for your client. I think you all knew about type of SEO you do for your client websites, but there are some topics you need to take care before starting.

Many SEO’s start the project just with on-page and after that lifetime OFF page SEO  for the website. While some other starting Google Adwords ads either for branding or gain revenue within a less time for the business. Here I am explaining some important points that you must know before you start a new SEO project.

1. Domain History – If you are staring SEO with a old project then you must check the web history of a domain. You must check “If the domain is penalize by Google or not“. To check you can see your Google webmaster Tool or the simple way is to put the URL into the Google search box, if you are not getting any result means that the website is penalize. If you are doing SEO for a dead website then you will not get any result. Google put penalize and some new website in the Google sandbox and they will not shows any impressions in search in Google SERP for a long time. So, if your website is penalized, then you must need to find out the reason for it. You can find its reason using webmaster or from the Google support form. Also check domain history using the Wayback machine Tool before you buying a new domain for your business.

2.Excessive linking – Check all of the pages to ensure there is no excessive linking within the website. Google ban such type of linking that do only for getting the best SEO ranking. Remove such type of links from the pages. Use anchor text on your most favorite keywords and connect them those internal pages that have information regarding to these keywords.

3. Quality Content – Content is now the king for SEO process. If you try to getting better position in Google ranking, then you must put quality content on your website pages. Only quality and informative website can rank high in search engines. Content must not be duplicate or low quality on the website pages. You can also post quality content on your website blog for more quality traffic on your website and help in converted your goals. Check duplicate content on website at www.copyscape.com.

4. Website Structure – A nice design with better user interface bind people on the website and there is most chance that those traffic would be your customer in the future. A neat and clean design with user and search engine friendly URL rally makes your site perfect. Example of a nice website URL is like… www.exaple.com/women/jeans . Don’t use deep URL linking because they confuse both user and the search engines in website crawling.

5. Website Errors – Broken links are like 404 (Page Not Found), No server connectivity, Soft 404 (Page was not fount at some point of time) etc. You can Use 301 (Permanent Redirection) or 302 (Temporary Redirection) on not found website pages to save from search engine crawling errors. If you find server connection error then talk to your hosting manager for this issue. Explore broken links within your website using broken inks checker tool and resolve them ASAP.

6. Don’t Use Frames and Flash – Avoid frames in your website because they dislocate the flow of the website and also difficult to predict where a page linked. Search engines are not able to read frames easily, so avoid frames into your website. Flash movies are also not indexed by search engines; if you are using flash on some page then use alt text to describe it.

7. Use Sitemap and Robots – Search engine love sitemap into websites, because it makes them easy to crawl all website pages within a short time and in a suitable manner. Generate sitemap by using free sitemap generator websites and put this into index file. Check your website sitemap at /sitemap.xml link. Submit sitemap in Google webmaster tool and index your website in a short time. If you want to block something to crawl, then you must use robots.txt file on your website. By using Robots.txt you can block a website page, admin, directory, folder and everything you want to hide from search engines. If you want to block whole the website then you must use this text in your robots.txt file.

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

Generate your robots txt file here.

8.Page Speed and Mobile Friendly Test – Google Announced New Update for Mobile Friendly Websites and page speed issue. If your website is not mobile friendly then you must be go down after the new algorithm update. So, enhance your website issue as soon as possible.

These points help you a lot in the SEO process of your projects if you are really serious about your project ranking in SERP. So, let take your website rank high by using these points and give a long life to your project.

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