4 Quick Tips to Remember for Guest Posting

Guest posting now a day is an extremely quick and consistent method to boost your content to gain popularity as well as more visitors for your business. The important step before doing guest post is that you will be sure that you are publishing your content in your niche otherwise there is no use. Here i am defining some points that will be helpful when you are going to start guest posting for your business content.

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1. Niche Category – It should be the first step to find a website that have exact category or theme as your content. Like if you have a event listing website then you should need other event websites which are doing guest posting. Best benefit of this type of website is that you will find quality traffic from these websites because people are reading same type of content that you have.

2. Domain and Page Authority – Now a day page rank is a history in the internet marketing.  Moz bar tool offering a great tool for your browser to check the authority of the domain and the page. Higher the domain authority more the website is trustful. you can download moz bar tool from the chrome extension too.

3. Do Follow or No Follow Links : Ask the site webmaster either the blog provide do follow or no follow link. If the website is do follow then it will be helpful you in the ranking, means you can link your anchor text with the website link and it will be count as plus point for you. Don’t worry if the site owner give you  No Follow links in the guest post. You will surely get traffic from that blog on your website. Now a days most of trustful websites working on No-Follow link strategy.

4. Cost – Cost is also an important factor because when your searching for guest posting website, you are surely checking their prices too. By the way its now free any way, you need to spent dollars for this. Be careful there are many fraud sites also on the net world. The best idea you can take to check the authentication of the websites is to check the trust rank on search engine.

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