Top 7 Reasons for Ad Disapproval in Google AdWords and their Recovery Methods

Some common reasons why your ads are being disapproved in Google Adwords.

Google disapproved Ads

Google disapproved Ads Reasons

Click on the ads section and click on the bubble just up on the word ” Disapproved” and you will see a pop-up, by this you can check the reason that why your ads was disapproved. Some of the top reasons for disapproving of Ads are here.

  1. Copyrighted content - Don’t use any copyright content from other company or business. Copyright means their logo image, brand name and secure products etc. Use some synonyms in place of that content.
  2. Doesn’t Use Phone Number in Ads text - Adwords provide call extension in the Ads extension program? You can validate your number and can add that number in the ads extension and your number will be display in front of your customer and they can access it easily.
  3. Don’t promote yourself - Never use this type of word like (we are top business, we are best in industry), Google hates such type of promotion, just add your business or product reviews using review extension. This will be a great impact on your customers.
  4. Ads themes inappropriate by Google. Google never accept theme content like adult, sex, online gambling and dangerous products (like Fireworks or Bombs).
  5. Ads text length. Ads text has limited length like headline text should be less than equal to 25 characters. Description 1and 2 are of 35 characters. Some countries like Russia has lengthy language and there this limit be a little more.
  6. Difference in the display URL and the destination URL - You must need to add same URL in both the display URL and the destination URL. Example: You can’t use in display URL and in the destination URL.
  7. Caps Letters - Text like (HUGA DISCOUNT – SHOP US). It contains all the character in caps format. This will be disapproved by the Google. Only use caps letter if you are promotion your coupons code that is case sensitive.

So, don’t be too serious after disapproval of your ads, just check them appropriate with the Google policies and approve fast.

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